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We are a community for hosting servers and helping people out with problems. Any problems can be asked in the forums and we will try to answer them.
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 Read before applying!!

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Community Founder, Website Developer, Server Hoster, CoD4 level developer.
Community Founder, Website Developer, Server Hoster,     CoD4 level developer.

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PostSubject: Read before applying!!   Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:20 am

Greetings too you all.

If you wish to join our community, then please apply in our applyment section. It is a forum in the Index. You most likely will find it.

Our Community is about hosting servers for hamachi clients. We do not host Internet servers. We hope to have some server keepers joining our community. Ofcourse not only server keepers are allowed to join! Server clients/players are also allowed! The more the better and the more fun we will have.
Please, If you want to join as a Client then fill in the following application form:

Your nickname:
Your age:
Your First name:
Your reason for joining:
What do you prefer? Hardcore on or off?:
Where did you hear from us?:

If you want to join our community as a Server keeper, then please fill in the following application form:

Your Server Name:
Your Hamachi Server IP:
Your Server's Slots:
Your Gameplay; Hardcore on or off?:
Your Reason for joining:
Your Nickname:
Your Age:
Your First name:
Where did you hear from us?:

All Serverkeepers who use a rcon tool for their server, has to put an advertisement line between them for our community as we are trying to grow. Please Respect this single rule of server owners only. It's a small favor!
Copy and paste that list into your own topic and fill it in. Then one of our moderators will respond asap.

Thanks for your consideration for joining our community!

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Read before applying!!
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